Gene table of BAD

No gene-disease associations

Annotation of the gene BAD

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It is regulated by the following TF:

Associated KEGG pathways
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Associated GO terms for Molecular function
enzyme bindingGO:00198992.27
protein phosphatase 2B bindingGO:00303467.54
molecular function regulatorGO:00987722.51
protein kinase B bindingGO:00434227.44
phospholipid bindingGO:00055433.91
cysteine-type endopeptidase regulator activity involved in apoptotic processGO:00430286.02
14-3-3 protein bindingGO:00718896.65
enzyme regulator activityGO:00302342.85
peptidase regulator activityGO:00611344.37
lipid bindingGO:00082893.26
protein kinase bindingGO:00199013.44
kinase bindingGO:00199003.32
protein phosphatase bindingGO:00199034.93
phosphatase bindingGO:00199024.63
cysteine-type endopeptidase activator activity involved in apoptotic processGO:00086566.91
protein bindingGO:00055150.46
peptidase activator activityGO:00165046.13
peptidase activator activity involved in apoptotic processGO:00165056.74
protein dimerization activityGO:00469832.72
protein heterodimerization activityGO:00469823.64
enzyme activator activityGO:00080473.56