Gene table of HLA-DRA

No gene-disease associations

Annotation of the gene HLA-DRA

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Transcription regulation as annotated in TRRUST

It is regulated by the following TF:

Associated KEGG pathways
Associated REACTOME pathways
Associated GO terms for Molecular function
MHC class II protein complex bindingGO:00230266.97
signaling receptor activityGO:00380232.49
signal transducer activityGO:00048712.28
MHC class II receptor activityGO:00323957.1
peptide antigen bindingGO:00426056.18
amide bindingGO:00332184.14
protein bindingGO:00055150.46
MHC protein complex bindingGO:00230236.79
molecular transducer activityGO:00600892.32
transmembrane signaling receptor activityGO:00048882.57
macromolecular complex bindingGO:00448772.61
receptor activityGO:00048722.32
antigen bindingGO:00038235.02
protein complex bindingGO:00324033.09
peptide bindingGO:00422774.22
transmembrane receptor activityGO:00996002.53