Gene table of LHX2

No gene-disease associations

Annotation of the gene LHX2

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It is a TF of the genes:

Associated KEGG pathways
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Associated GO terms for Molecular function
sequence-specific DNA bindingGO:00435652.79
chromatin bindingGO:00036823.64
transcription factor activity, transcription factor bindingGO:00009893.36
transition metal ion bindingGO:00469142.48
cation bindingGO:00431691.4
organic cyclic compound bindingGO:00971591.05
DNA bindingGO:00036771.92
ion bindingGO:00431671.36
transcription factor activity, RNA polymerase II transcription factor bindingGO:00010764.84
macromolecular complex bindingGO:00448772.61
zinc ion bindingGO:00082702.66
nucleic acid bindingGO:00036761.44
transcription factor activity, protein bindingGO:00009883.35
metal ion bindingGO:00468721.41
heterocyclic compound bindingGO:19013631.06