Gene table of RPTOR

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Annotation of the gene RPTOR

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Associated GO terms for Molecular function
RNA polymerase III type 1 promoter DNA bindingGO:00010308.64
RNA polymerase III type 2 promoter DNA bindingGO:00010318.64
RNA polymerase III type 3 promoter DNA bindingGO:00010328.64
kinase regulator activityGO:00192074.5
TFIIIC-class transcription factor bindingGO:00011569.05
RNA polymerase III regulatory region DNA bindingGO:00010168.35
kinase activator activityGO:00192095.58
RNA polymerase III transcription factor bindingGO:00010258.35
enzyme bindingGO:00198992.27
macromolecular complex bindingGO:00448772.61
nucleic acid bindingGO:00036761.44
DNA bindingGO:00036771.92
molecular function regulatorGO:00987722.51
heterocyclic compound bindingGO:19013631.06
rDNA bindingGO:00001827.66
sequence-specific DNA bindingGO:00435652.79
sequence-specific double-stranded DNA bindingGO:19908373.2
14-3-3 protein bindingGO:00718896.65
protein complex bindingGO:00324033.09
double-stranded DNA bindingGO:00036903.09
transcription factor bindingGO:00081343.46
5S rDNA bindingGO:00800848.64
protein kinase regulator activityGO:00198874.6
enzyme regulator activityGO:00302342.85
regulatory region nucleic acid bindingGO:00010673.03
protein kinase bindingGO:00199013.44
kinase bindingGO:00199003.32
protein kinase activator activityGO:00302955.68
binding, bridgingGO:00600904.57
transcription regulatory region DNA bindingGO:00442123.03
protein binding, bridgingGO:00306744.68
organic cyclic compound bindingGO:00971591.05
protein bindingGO:00055150.46
regulatory region DNA bindingGO:00009753.03
enzyme activator activityGO:00080473.56