Gene table of TAF5

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Annotation of the gene TAF5

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Associated GO terms for Molecular function
peptide N-acetyltransferase activityGO:00342125.55
peptide-lysine-N-acetyltransferase activityGO:00617335.68
nucleic acid binding transcription factor activityGO:00010712.65
nucleic acid bindingGO:00036761.44
DNA bindingGO:00036771.92
heterocyclic compound bindingGO:19013631.06
N-acetyltransferase activityGO:00080805.27
histone acetyltransferase activityGO:00044025.7
transferase activityGO:00167401.95
transferase activity, transferring acyl groupsGO:00167464.2
transferase activity, transferring acyl groups other than amino-acyl groupsGO:00167474.37
N-acyltransferase activityGO:00164105.08
regulatory region nucleic acid bindingGO:00010673.03
catalytic activityGO:00038241.05
transcription regulatory region DNA bindingGO:00442123.03
transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA bindingGO:00037002.65
organic cyclic compound bindingGO:00971591.05
acetyltransferase activityGO:00164075.1
protein bindingGO:00055150.46
regulatory region DNA bindingGO:00009753.03
protein dimerization activityGO:00469832.72