Gene table of CTGF

No gene-disease associations

Annotation of the gene CTGF

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It is regulated by the following TF:

Associated KEGG pathways
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Associated GO terms for Molecular function
sulfur compound bindingGO:19016814.32
integrin bindingGO:00051785.07
protein C-terminus bindingGO:00080224.5
growth factor activityGO:00080834.66
carbohydrate derivative bindingGO:00973672.03
growth factor bindingGO:00198384.89
heparin bindingGO:00082014.68
glycosaminoglycan bindingGO:00055394.42
macromolecular complex bindingGO:00448772.61
protein bindingGO:00055150.46
protein complex bindingGO:00324033.09
insulin-like growth factor bindingGO:00055206.37
cell adhesion molecule bindingGO:00508394.5
receptor bindingGO:00051022.43
fibronectin bindingGO:00019686.41