Gene table of FAF1

No gene-disease associations

Annotation of the gene FAF1

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Transcription regulation as annotated in TRRUST

It is regulated by the following TF:

Associated KEGG pathways
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Associated GO terms for Molecular function
ubiquitin protein ligase bindingGO:00316254.17
ubiquitin-like protein ligase bindingGO:00443894.15
kinase regulator activityGO:00192074.5
protein kinase regulator activityGO:00198874.6
heat shock protein bindingGO:00310725.24
enzyme regulator activityGO:00302342.85
ubiquitin-like protein bindingGO:00321824.93
enzyme bindingGO:00198992.27
protein kinase bindingGO:00199013.44
kinase bindingGO:00199003.32
ubiquitin bindingGO:00431305.09
protein bindingGO:00055150.46
molecular function regulatorGO:00987722.51
NF-kappaB bindingGO:00510596.34
transcription factor bindingGO:00081343.46
protein domain specific bindingGO:00199043.32