Gene-disease associations table

GeneAssociated with NEUROBLASTOMA, SUSCEPTIBILITY TO inLink to HGNCCytogenetic bandNumber of associated diseasesAssociated diseases
NME1OMIMHGNC link17q21.331256700
KIF1BOMIMHGNC link1p36.223PS118220, 256700, 171300

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KEGG pathways annotation: shared terms / NET-GE enrichment (no shared terms)
REACTOME pathways annotation: shared terms / NET-GE enrichment (no shared terms)
GO - molecular function annotation: shared terms / NET-GE enrichment

Shared terms

GOICNumber of genes with the same GOGenes
purine ribonucleoside triphosphate binding (GO:0035639) 2.222NME1, KIF1B
binding (GO:0005488) 0.182NME1, KIF1B
heterocyclic compound binding (GO:1901363) 1.062NME1, KIF1B
purine nucleoside binding (GO:0001883) 2.222NME1, KIF1B
nucleoside binding (GO:0001882) 2.212NME1, KIF1B
nucleotide binding (GO:0000166) 1.962NME1, KIF1B
nucleoside phosphate binding (GO:1901265) 1.962NME1, KIF1B
ribonucleoside binding (GO:0032549) 2.222NME1, KIF1B
purine nucleotide binding (GO:0017076) 2.192NME1, KIF1B
ATP binding (GO:0005524) 2.432NME1, KIF1B
hydrolase activity (GO:0016787) 1.92NME1, KIF1B
tubulin binding (GO:0015631) 4.12NME1, KIF1B
small molecule binding (GO:0036094) 1.892NME1, KIF1B
catalytic activity (GO:0003824) 1.052NME1, KIF1B
adenyl nucleotide binding (GO:0030554) 2.42NME1, KIF1B
carbohydrate derivative binding (GO:0097367) 2.032NME1, KIF1B
organic cyclic compound binding (GO:0097159) 1.052NME1, KIF1B
cytoskeletal protein binding (GO:0008092) 3.022NME1, KIF1B
adenyl ribonucleotide binding (GO:0032559) 2.412NME1, KIF1B
protein binding (GO:0005515) 0.462NME1, KIF1B
purine ribonucleotide binding (GO:0032555) 2.22NME1, KIF1B
purine ribonucleoside binding (GO:0032550) 2.222NME1, KIF1B
ribonucleotide binding (GO:0032553) 2.192NME1, KIF1B

NET-GE enrichment

Term New enriched termICP valueGenes
tubulin binding (GO:0015631) -4.10.015NME1, KIF1B
GO - biological process annotation: shared terms (no NET-GE enrichment)

Shared terms

GOICNumber of genes with the same GOGenes
transport (GO:0006810) 1.512NME1, KIF1B
cellular process (GO:0009987) 0.262NME1, KIF1B
single-organism transport (GO:0044765) 2.182NME1, KIF1B
single-organism cellular process (GO:0044763) 0.652NME1, KIF1B
single-organism process (GO:0044699) 0.482NME1, KIF1B
establishment of localization (GO:0051234) 1.482NME1, KIF1B
localization (GO:0051179) 1.42NME1, KIF1B
single-organism localization (GO:1902578) 2.092NME1, KIF1B
GO - cellular component annotation: shared terms (no NET-GE enrichment)

Shared terms

GOICNumber of genes with the same GOGenes
cytoplasm (GO:0005737) 1.012NME1, KIF1B
organelle membrane (GO:0031090) 1.972NME1, KIF1B
cell projection part (GO:0044463) 2.972NME1, KIF1B
supramolecular fiber (GO:0099512) 3.312NME1, KIF1B
polymeric cytoskeletal fiber (GO:0099513) 3.312NME1, KIF1B
intracellular non-membrane-bounded organelle (GO:0043232) 1.762NME1, KIF1B
membrane (GO:0016020) 0.682NME1, KIF1B
cell part (GO:0044464) 0.112NME1, KIF1B
cytoplasmic part (GO:0044444) 0.822NME1, KIF1B
mitochondrion (GO:0005739) 2.422NME1, KIF1B
membrane-bounded vesicle (GO:0031988) 1.712NME1, KIF1B
intracellular organelle part (GO:0044446) 0.812NME1, KIF1B
intracellular organelle (GO:0043229) 0.512NME1, KIF1B
non-membrane-bounded organelle (GO:0043228) 1.762NME1, KIF1B
cytoskeletal part (GO:0044430) 2.492NME1, KIF1B
intracellular membrane-bounded organelle (GO:0043231) 0.62NME1, KIF1B
intracellular part (GO:0044424) 0.282NME1, KIF1B
membrane-bounded organelle (GO:0043227) 0.472NME1, KIF1B
organelle (GO:0043226) 0.42NME1, KIF1B
organelle part (GO:0044422) 0.792NME1, KIF1B
vesicle (GO:0031982) 1.642NME1, KIF1B