Disease table of CHILBLAIN LUPUS OMIM ID: PS610448

Gene-disease associations table

GeneAssociated with CHILBLAIN LUPUS inLink to HGNCCytogenetic bandNumber of associated diseasesAssociated diseases
TREX1ClinVar, OMIM, HUMSAVARHGNC link3p21.314PS225750, 192315, PS610448, 152700
SAMHD1ClinVar, OMIM, HUMSAVARHGNC link20q11.232PS610448, PS225750

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Relations among genes:

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KEGG pathways annotation: shared terms / NET-GE enrichment (no shared terms)
REACTOME pathways annotation: shared terms (no NET-GE enrichment)

Shared terms

REACTOME termREACTOME term IDICNumber of genes with the same termGenes
Immune SystemR-HSA-1682562.372SAMHD1, TREX1
GO - molecular function annotation: shared terms / NET-GE enrichment

Shared terms

GOICNumber of genes with the same GOGenes
cation binding (GO:0043169) 1.42SAMHD1, TREX1
protein binding (GO:0005515) 0.462SAMHD1, TREX1
hydrolase activity (GO:0016787) 1.92SAMHD1, TREX1
organic cyclic compound binding (GO:0097159) 1.052SAMHD1, TREX1
hydrolase activity, acting on ester bonds (GO:0016788) 3.12SAMHD1, TREX1
ion binding (GO:0043167) 1.362SAMHD1, TREX1
catalytic activity (GO:0003824) 1.052SAMHD1, TREX1
binding (GO:0005488) 0.182SAMHD1, TREX1
nucleic acid binding (GO:0003676) 1.442SAMHD1, TREX1
metal ion binding (GO:0046872) 1.412SAMHD1, TREX1
heterocyclic compound binding (GO:1901363) 1.062SAMHD1, TREX1

NET-GE enrichment

Term New enriched termICP valueGenes
purine deoxyribonucleotide binding (GO:0032554) NEW8.130.0SAMHD1, TREX1
deoxyribonucleotide binding (GO:0032552) NEW7.950.0SAMHD1, TREX1
GO - biological process annotation: shared terms (no NET-GE enrichment)

Shared terms

GOICNumber of genes with the same GOGenes
nucleobase-containing compound metabolic process (GO:0006139) 1.352SAMHD1, TREX1
primary metabolic process (GO:0044238) 0.692SAMHD1, TREX1
response to stimulus (GO:0050896) 1.222SAMHD1, TREX1
cellular process (GO:0009987) 0.262SAMHD1, TREX1
cellular aromatic compound metabolic process (GO:0006725) 1.32SAMHD1, TREX1
cellular nitrogen compound metabolic process (GO:0034641) 1.222SAMHD1, TREX1
cellular metabolic process (GO:0044237) 0.692SAMHD1, TREX1
organic substance metabolic process (GO:0071704) 0.632SAMHD1, TREX1
response to stress (GO:0006950) 1.82SAMHD1, TREX1
nitrogen compound metabolic process (GO:0006807) 1.132SAMHD1, TREX1
biological regulation (GO:0065007) 0.392SAMHD1, TREX1
metabolic process (GO:0008152) 0.582SAMHD1, TREX1
regulation of biological process (GO:0050789) 0.452SAMHD1, TREX1
organic cyclic compound metabolic process (GO:1901360) 1.262SAMHD1, TREX1
heterocycle metabolic process (GO:0046483) 1.312SAMHD1, TREX1
GO - cellular component annotation: shared terms (no NET-GE enrichment)

Shared terms

GOICNumber of genes with the same GOGenes
intracellular membrane-bounded organelle (GO:0043231) 0.62SAMHD1, TREX1
nucleus (GO:0005634) 1.072SAMHD1, TREX1
membrane (GO:0016020) 0.682SAMHD1, TREX1
cell part (GO:0044464) 0.112SAMHD1, TREX1
intracellular organelle part (GO:0044446) 0.812SAMHD1, TREX1
intracellular organelle (GO:0043229) 0.512SAMHD1, TREX1
nuclear part (GO:0044428) 1.552SAMHD1, TREX1
intracellular part (GO:0044424) 0.282SAMHD1, TREX1
membrane-bounded organelle (GO:0043227) 0.472SAMHD1, TREX1
organelle (GO:0043226) 0.42SAMHD1, TREX1
organelle part (GO:0044422) 0.792SAMHD1, TREX1