Gene-disease associations table

GeneAssociated with TREMOR, HEREDITARY ESSENTIAL inLink to HGNCCytogenetic bandNumber of associated diseasesAssociated diseases
TENM4ClinVar, OMIMHGNC link11q14.11PS190300
DRD3OMIMHGNC link3q13.312PS190300, 181500
FUSClinVar, OMIM, HUMSAVARHGNC link16p11.22PS190300, PS105400

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Transcription Factors (TF) annotation from TRRUST
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regulated geneassociated to this disease# TFsTFs # TFs associated with this diseaseTFs associated with this disease
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KEGG pathways annotation: shared terms / NET-GE enrichment (no shared terms)
REACTOME pathways annotation: shared terms / NET-GE enrichment (no shared terms)
GO - molecular function annotation: shared terms (no NET-GE enrichment)

Shared terms

GOICNumber of genes with the same GOGenes
binding (GO:0005488) 0.183FUS, DRD3, TENM4
protein binding (GO:0005515) 0.463FUS, DRD3, TENM4
organic cyclic compound binding (GO:0097159) 1.052FUS, DRD3
receptor binding (GO:0005102) 2.432FUS, DRD3
identical protein binding (GO:0042802) 2.632FUS, TENM4
GO - biological process annotation: shared terms / NET-GE enrichment

Shared terms

GOICNumber of genes with the same GOGenes
cellular process (GO:0009987) 0.263FUS, DRD3, TENM4
regulation of cellular process (GO:0050794) 0.53FUS, DRD3, TENM4
organic substance metabolic process (GO:0071704) 0.633FUS, DRD3, TENM4
biological regulation (GO:0065007) 0.393FUS, DRD3, TENM4
metabolic process (GO:0008152) 0.583FUS, DRD3, TENM4
macromolecule metabolic process (GO:0043170) 0.833FUS, DRD3, TENM4
regulation of biological process (GO:0050789) 0.453FUS, DRD3, TENM4
regulation of primary metabolic process (GO:0080090) 1.082FUS, DRD3
regulation of metabolic process (GO:0019222) 1.022FUS, DRD3
regulation of cellular biosynthetic process (GO:0031326) 1.382FUS, DRD3
regulation of cellular metabolic process (GO:0031323) 1.072FUS, DRD3
nitrogen compound metabolic process (GO:0006807) 1.132FUS, DRD3
signal transduction (GO:0007165) 1.282DRD3, TENM4
single-organism process (GO:0044699) 0.482DRD3, TENM4
regulation of oligodendrocyte differentiation (GO:0048713) 6.362DRD3, TENM4
regulation of neurogenesis (GO:0050767) 3.212DRD3, TENM4
regulation of system process (GO:0044057) 3.532DRD3, TENM4
regulation of gliogenesis (GO:0014013) 5.212DRD3, TENM4
positive regulation of multicellular organismal process (GO:0051240) 2.492DRD3, TENM4
regulation of cell development (GO:0060284) 3.012DRD3, TENM4
regulation of developmental process (GO:0050793) 2.12DRD3, TENM4
regulation of glial cell differentiation (GO:0045685) 5.632DRD3, TENM4
regulation of macromolecule biosynthetic process (GO:0010556) 1.432FUS, DRD3
organic cyclic compound metabolic process (GO:1901360) 1.262FUS, DRD3
positive regulation of biological process (GO:0048518) 1.22DRD3, TENM4
multicellular organismal process (GO:0032501) 1.452DRD3, TENM4
regulation of nucleobase-containing compound metabolic process (GO:0019219) 1.432FUS, DRD3
cellular aromatic compound metabolic process (GO:0006725) 1.32FUS, DRD3
regulation of biosynthetic process (GO:0009889) 1.372FUS, DRD3
regulation of nucleic acid-templated transcription (GO:1903506) 1.552FUS, DRD3
regulation of cell differentiation (GO:0045595) 2.422DRD3, TENM4
single-organism cellular process (GO:0044763) 0.652DRD3, TENM4
regulation of nitrogen compound metabolic process (GO:0051171) 1.362FUS, DRD3
regulation of multicellular organismal process (GO:0051239) 1.872DRD3, TENM4
regulation of RNA biosynthetic process (GO:2001141) 1.552FUS, DRD3
response to chemical (GO:0042221) 1.982FUS, DRD3
primary metabolic process (GO:0044238) 0.692FUS, TENM4
cellular macromolecule metabolic process (GO:0044260) 0.932FUS, DRD3
single-multicellular organism process (GO:0044707) 1.782DRD3, TENM4
regulation of macromolecule metabolic process (GO:0060255) 1.082FUS, DRD3
response to stimulus (GO:0050896) 1.222FUS, DRD3
regulation of RNA metabolic process (GO:0051252) 1.522FUS, DRD3
cellular metabolic process (GO:0044237) 0.692FUS, DRD3
regulation of nervous system development (GO:0051960) 3.12DRD3, TENM4
regulation of multicellular organismal development (GO:2000026) 2.312DRD3, TENM4
positive regulation of cellular process (GO:0048522) 1.32DRD3, TENM4

NET-GE enrichment

Term New enriched termICP valueGenes
regulation of oligodendrocyte differentiation (GO:0048713) -6.360.002DRD3, TENM4
regulation of glial cell differentiation (GO:0045685) -5.630.009DRD3, TENM4
regulation of gliogenesis (GO:0014013) -5.210.016DRD3, TENM4
GO - cellular component annotation: shared terms (no NET-GE enrichment)

Shared terms

GOICNumber of genes with the same GOGenes
intracellular membrane-bounded organelle (GO:0043231) 0.63FUS, DRD3, TENM4
cell part (GO:0044464) 0.113FUS, DRD3, TENM4
intracellular organelle (GO:0043229) 0.513FUS, DRD3, TENM4
intracellular part (GO:0044424) 0.283FUS, DRD3, TENM4
cell projection (GO:0042995) 2.473FUS, DRD3, TENM4
membrane-bounded organelle (GO:0043227) 0.473FUS, DRD3, TENM4
organelle (GO:0043226) 0.43FUS, DRD3, TENM4
cytoplasm (GO:0005737) 1.012FUS, TENM4
integral component of plasma membrane (GO:0005887) 2.572DRD3, TENM4
plasma membrane part (GO:0044459) 1.952DRD3, TENM4
integral component of membrane (GO:0016021) 1.142DRD3, TENM4
membrane (GO:0016020) 0.682DRD3, TENM4
neuron part (GO:0097458) 2.642FUS, TENM4
cytoplasmic part (GO:0044444) 0.822FUS, DRD3
neuron projection (GO:0043005) 3.122FUS, TENM4
membrane part (GO:0044425) 0.952DRD3, TENM4
intrinsic component of plasma membrane (GO:0031226) 2.532DRD3, TENM4
nucleus (GO:0005634) 1.072FUS, TENM4
intrinsic component of membrane (GO:0031224) 1.132DRD3, TENM4